Inner Peace, Fearless Future – Willpower Harris

You know there wasn’t much hope for the future turning out for one person. A lady was attending a state fair. She stopped by the booth of a psychic. Looking into her crystal ball a frown spread across the fortune teller’s face as she predicted, “The next fifteen years of your life will be filled with […]

6 Guideposts to CRUSH IT Like a Boss

As the CEO of a growing and thriving small business, you can imagine I’ve learned a lot. There have been ups and downs and I’ve weathered through some tough economic problems and a divorce that almost sunk my ship. What saves me time and time again is my amazing team of rockstars who have always […]

Breakthrough the Breakup

As the holiday of love approaches so many of us are feel like it’s more the holiday of heartbreak. If you can relate to that, I have a new mini-workbook available to download today. Click HERE to download The Heart Healing Process mini-workbook. ~*~ The first time he reached out and held your hand, you […]