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Today, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Dr. Alise Cortez of the Working On Purpose podcast. Dr. Alise Cortez is a Speaker and Development and Engagement Catalyst with a PhD in human development. She focuses on how to find meaning in work and she teaches organizations to increase employee satisfaction, performance, and more. Our professional goals are very similar – to create businesses that fit with our capital P Purpose and to help others achieve the same.

Working on Purpose is all about that; finding a job you love and unlocking higher meaning within your employment. So of course, we discussed how words are the starting point to unlock that meaning. By harnessing the power of your words, you can make maximum impact in your life. We talked about how to find and utilize our interests and talents, the all-important concept of Cleanse or Clog, and how you can tie all of these concepts together to overhaul your life.


Here’s what we discussed:

  • No matter what kind of work we do, our words have a massive impact on the outcome
  • How we can identify and channel our talents and interests to find the job of our dreams
  • Cleansing or Clogging our lives
    • Including our finances
  • How to weave these ideas together for massive success

Here are some powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “If we think about our subconscious mind as a highway, every time you use positive thinking or communication, it’s performing maintenance on that highway.”
  • “Work becomes really an expression of the way we come to see our purpose.” -Alise Cortez
  • “Life is all about this series of steps we take.”

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