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Where are you at with your vision? Do you have a fully realized dream but you’re not sure how to achieve it? Or maybe you just have no idea where to even start to get laser-focused? I’ve got good news. Today, we’re launching into an ongoing series called the Power of Personal Creation. If you’ve been here a while, you know I’ve been working on this forever! It’s time to go deeper. Today, we’re talking all about the power of vision. 

The power of vision is all about seeing something – a project, a dream, a goal – created in its entirety. It means getting laser-focused on your Image: girl with vision, looking at sunsetgoal or project and truly dialing into what you need to do to accomplish that. Maybe you have a crystal clear vision for a business, or a social movement, or maybe even an entire empire. Once you have that vision, you can dive into the nitty gritty of what you have to do to accomplish that goal or project.

Here’s the gamechanger:

one of the ways to take back control of your life and your creations is to have that power of vision. This can be super small. Think about what your vision is for today. Maybe you have a plan to relax or to get a few tasks done at work. Then you can go big too, and think about your big picture vision. What is your vision for this year?Where do you see 2018 taking you?

I’ve created a worksheet here for you which will help you get laser focused on that vision. It’s going to start with you figuring out where exactly your starting point is. Where are you at right now? You’re going to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 to figure out how much work you need. So download that worksheet right now and find out your number. Are you a 10, with your vision completely crystal clear and all the steps planned out? If you are, that’s fantastic! But it’s far more likely that you’re somewhere in the middle. Maybe you’re at a 5, where you know your goal but you’re not sure how to get there.

Image: Numbers on ground, where is your visionThe trick here is to find out your starting point, so that you can take your 5 or 3 or whichever and turn it into a 10.

Then, you’re going to get super specific with your questions. Ask yourself why your number is so low (or why it’s high!). Ask yourself which specific things are keeping you from solidifying that dream. If you are at a 0 and you just have no idea what to do, ask yourself this question: If you could do something impossible, but it would change everything, what would it be? That’s the starting place for your vision.

So go download the worksheet right now and find out where you are with the power of vision. You have this power inside you and if you harness it, you can truly change your situation. Just take it step by step and ask yourself how it can be better. Where are you at in the scale? Share your numbers and maybe a little bit about why that’s your number. I want to hear it!


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