• Title Image: Podcast Interview With Dr. John Duffy, UnDue Anxiety

Today, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Dr. John Duffy of the powerful UnDue Anxiety podcast. Dr. John Duffy is a clinical psychologist and an expert in parenting and relationships. UnDue Anxiety is all about Dr. Duffy’s words of wisdom, as well as interview from other experts and exceptional people.

Dr. Duffy’s podcast was perfectly aligned with my teachings, so I was so excited to chat with him. Like my teaching, his podcast is where you can find scientific personal development and wisdom. He handles some pretty tough topics, so I thought we’d dive deep, and we truly did. Nothing was off limits, from my personal journey to the big P, Purpose. We discussed Purpose, self-worth, my tumultuous past, how I gained mega-success in my business, and more. This was one of my favorite shows ever and I’m so glad John had me on the show. I hope you can all gain just as much from this interview as I did.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • My journey to become an author (and how baby steps led to success)
  • Your purpose (how you can make an impact and why it matters so much)
  • Self-worth (how debt affects it, how you can cultivate it, and how I cultivate it in my business)
  • My story (the good, the bad, and the tragic)
  • How I created success in my business (increased the bottom line, employee retention, and more)

Here are some powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “You can have all the success in the world but if you don’t have meaning… then you never feel like you’re enough.”
  • “When you discover what your natural talents, skill, and abilities are, and you figure out how to bring that to your career… That is so powerful and that can change the world.”
  • “Just like a road or a highway, when you stop using the old, it starts to crumble and fall away. And that’s why you can’t have a transformation in a weekend.”

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