Unleash your inner power to move mountains by getting your focus, beliefs, and chemical recipes in alignment. Honestly, your life would change if you addressed even one of these areas but even more can be drastically impacted if you address all three. So, we’re going to cover it all, because more is possible for you. When you dial in your control over all three areas, that’s when you get a surge of power to know that anything is possible, and you will experience an explosion of synchronicities. Although it may be hard to measure, I’d venture to bet they’ll explode exponentially.

Why is that?

For starters, when you begin to listen to your body, to those gut feelings, to your intuition, you’ll make the empowering decision to set up that Image: Man in front of waterfall, three areas of happiness

meeting, make that right turn, or spend that extra ten minutes on the phone with your mother . . .  all of which will pave the way to the types of synchronicities that will blow your mind and change your life. Just seeing how things work for you will help you create new, stronger beliefs, generate deeper connections in the action center of your brain, and train you to understand that you’re actually feeling great.

When you dial your chemical recipe in to happiness, it becomes the jazz that spices everything else up in your life. If you harness the trio of reprogramming beliefs, managing your chemical recipes, and choosing your focus — you can spark the fire of true transformation.

Have you ever had a day when you felt like you could do no wrong? When it seemed that everything you encountered turned to gold? Did that experience make you feel happy? Fulfilled? What hormones were being developed that day? The truth is, when you feel happy, the chemical recipe swirling around in your body inspires you to speak kind words, make powerful choices, take leaps of faith, and feel generally fantastic, all of which creates more opportunities for positive transformation.

When you feel that great, you believe that things will continue to go well for you, and the way you can keep that train on its tracks is by consciously harnessing the power that you have over the three areas of change: focus, chemistry, and beliefs. That chemical cocktail you’ve been feeling, including happy hormones like dopamine, endorphins, phenylethylamine, and ghrelin, can become, with some determination and consistent focus, the baseline for your new, happier normal.

When we control the chemicals in our bodies, we feel good. That’s the whole reason we need to harness these areas of ourselves. And when we feel good, we’re in a better place to be able to make good choices. And making good choices makes us feel good, which is that feedback cycle of happiness we’re aiming for. When we experience the optimal chemical recipe in our body for happiness, those good choices that we make will become the new norm for us, and we’ll experience vidya (“wisdom”) – which is the opposite of avidya (“misperceiving”) – with more regularity. Being in this enlightened and happier state enables us to view our situations through a clearer lens and make measured decisions without feeling stuck with anything less than our best.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in love, everything else in your life seems to pop with positivity, including things in the life of your significant other? This is because falling in love creates a brain-flooding chemical recipe of happy hormones that feels incredible, and when you feel that great, you naturally go up on the frequency scale of emotion. And going up on that scale has a ripple effect, which means that people around you start to seem happier too. When everyone in your immediate situation is higher on that frequency scale of emotions, you’ll begin to attract all sorts of other kinds of magic into your life!

Image: Woman doing yoga on beach, reached three areas of happiness

So how can you get to this happy and heightened state?

Step 1: Train your focus. Remember that what you focus on grows, so learn to focus on the positive and inspiring experiences. The easiest way to train your focus is through a daily practice of declaring gratitude for the good things in your life.

Step 2: Stop retelling stories from your past that don’t serve you. Retelling disempowering stories from your past traps you in a cycle of reliving the negative past. Ending this practice can help to loosen your grip on those stories, which will then give you space to tell better-feeling stories that will empower and inspire you.

Step 3: Get control of the chemical recipes in your body. Everything in your life affects this chemical recipe. Now you know that historical events in our life trigger intense chemical recipes. You can redirect your focus to create new (and better-feeling) chemical recipes.

Let me be clear, these steps require effort, determination and some work. When you hear someone say “You have to do the work,” know that this growth is what it looks like when you’re successfully doing the work. Let go of your attachment to how things used to be, and let go of old, ineffective strategies that don’t help you grow. Put the body and mind in connection with one another so they can work together for you instead of against you.

Whether you have huge dreams for your development or simply want to have a better self-image, in order to truly change, you must first have a firm foundation. Fixing these three areas is the magic elixir that will fast-track you to a life that feels better than you could have ever imagined.


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