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Today, we are going to get some incredible marketing tips from Judy Tsuei. Judy Tsuei is a Visibility Strategist who coaches entrepreneurs on how to create businesses through the power of storytelling! She believes in making your brand story beautiful — and helps you get seen by getting you published and featured. Here’s her 3 key tips for standing out with your story:

 I met my husband on the most remote inhabited place in the world: Kauai, Hawaii. We had been living in opposite ends of the United States. And unbeknownst to us, we decided to move to this tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean within a couple of months of each other.

Shortly after arriving, we met during a softball game on an organic farm on the north shore, as we both walked towards the wood oven to bake our own personal Image: typing story on computerpizzas. He asked me what I did for a living. “I’m a writer,” I told him. “So am I,” he said, but inwardly, I rolled my eyes that this was just a line.

Two weeks later, we had been hanging out with one another every day. Another week after that, we could not deny the feeling that we were meant to have a child with one another. So by four weeks of knowing one another, we consciously became pregnant.

Now, our daughter is almost three and her name is Wilder Love. 

This is the story that I tell almost every new person I meet. Especially as a visibility and storytelling coach for fellow female entrepreneurs.

I tell this story for numerous reasons: 
• It’s memorable and quite dramatically so with all the components of love and magic.
• It demonstrates my core values of having a spiritual sense of purpose and answering the call when it seems logically absurd.
• It allows me to connect with another person almost immediately, because of the vulnerability and adventure with which I share this tale.

And in the end, that connection is what will enable you to thrive in business and in life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a female entrepreneur, an aspiring writer, or a creative soul. It’s important to understand that storytelling is absolutely essential for us to connect with one another. Especially if you’re aiming to differentiate yourself and your brand in the online world.

In fact, our brains are actually programmed to respond to stories. We’re wired to remember and connect with stories on emotional levels. When it comes to making any purchasing decisions, we’re always more powered by our feelings than our rational thoughts. 

As Pixar’s Andrew Stanton shared in a TED Talk, “The problems of information overload in making your voice heard are many, but their solution is simple — your story, told by you.”

Image: Judy Tsuei writing her storyIt’s incredibly cathartic and freeing to give yourself permission to stand in your truth. To share authentically with the words you write or speak. And, to be bravely courageous in vulnerably showing up, so that you can actually connect with another person on a meaningful level.

I often tell my clients that life may not always be pretty, but it is indeed beautiful. And, it’s that beauty that deserves to be seen.

When I taught yoga regularly, I’d also share in class: “From the beginning of time ever after, there will only be ONE of you. Be ALL OF YOU.”

If you’re looking to dive deeper into sharing your own story, here are three key tips to reflect upon: 

• What does your heroine’s or hero’s journey look like? 

o You can research the specific trajectory by looking up “Joseph Campbell + hero’s journey,”. Ultimately, I invite you to reflect upon this evolution — you are the heroine or hero in an ordinary world, feeling a calling you know you can’t resist. Yet, just because you know you have a grand purpose does not mean that the path to saying “yes” will be an easy one. You’ll have doubt, you’ll have triumphs. Then you’ll go through another series of circumstances that test your mettle. They’ll bring you to your mentor, whether it’s an inward or outward guide.

From there, you continue to say “yes” and grow, becoming a changed person. Then you return to the ordinary world, ready to share your gifts and what you’ve learned.

• Who are you talking to? 

o Whether you’re writing for yourself or for your ideal client, it’s vital to know who you’re talking to. In order to connect, your audience needs to identify themselves in your story. So think about where they are now and where they’d ideally like to get to. Allow your personal journey to be reflective of what they’ve experienced in their own lives.

• Are you being authentic?

o This question is the most important. The more real and vulnerable you’re willing to be, the more compelling your story will be. But don’t make your trauma or drama someone else’s problem. Understand your own boundaries of healthy sharing and lean into your growing edge. It’s a delicate balance to learn how to show up authentically. And to learn when it can become “too much information.”

If you’re asking questions like, Who would want to listen to me? or Do I really have anything meaningful to say?, the answers are, “Your tribe,” and “Yes, absolutely.”

Put yourself out there and allow people to truly see you. It’s the only way you’ll find out about the power of your grit and grace.

Now, make your story beautiful today.

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Judy Tsuei is a Visibility Strategist who coaches wild hearted female entrepreneurs on how to create six figure businesses through the power of storytelling! She believes in making your brand story beautiful. And helps you get seen with greater exposure by getting you published and featured on podcast interviews.

You’re invited to her upcoming online workshop on Jan 27th. Learn more about how to craft your authentic story and content that converts.  Limited spots are available so sign up quickly! Visit to secure your spot.


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