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Do you feel like your circumstances condemn you? Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough money to pursue X, or the education to achieve Y. An important lesson that I’ve learned on my own journey is if you let your circumstances define you, it can be hard to move forward. What would happen if instead you focus on the process of finding a solution and stop all that negative self-talk? You can find out with these 3 easy steps to overcome obstacles!

It can be easy to fall into this trap and succumb to berating yourself. When I chose to stop fighting with myself over why I was in a particular situation, everything changed. Rather than thinking this meeting is so last minute, I’m never going to be prepared in time, I thought how can I prepare quickly? That shift in consciousness is easier than you think, and it is so important for your personal development. The process of getting there is so much more important than the circumstances that may have caused the roadblocks. These steps are so important for that very reason. Once you get your process into place, you can create some incredible magic in your life.

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Step 1: Accept your circumstances.

It’s not about the circumstance you’re in, it’s about the choices you make in regard to those circumstances. Instead of focusing on the roadblock, focus on how you can get around it. Do not get frustrated or discouraged because of your situation, ask yourself how you can improve it.

Step 2: Stop your negative self-talk.Happy woman on beach looking out at water - Steps to Overcome Obstacles

Never turn your frustration on yourself or others. That’s a disempowering and unproductive habit that will only cause further unhappiness. Turning this darkness on yourself is not a solution. If you maintain your focus and positivity you will achieve your goals.

Step 3: Pay attention to the choices you make, and focus on creating real, lasting change.

Your choices matter, and you need to think long-term. A solution is not really a solution if it’s just a temporary fix. That roadblock may come back to haunt you if you don’t properly deal with it, so be conscious of how your choices affect you in the long run.

Those are three steps to help you focus on the process of finding a solution so that you can achieve massive success. Remember, value the process, not the circumstances. Make the conscious choice to not discourage yourself with negative self-talk and don’t fall into the cycle of inaction and frustration. Instead, take action with mindful choices about your situation. I’ve created a worksheet to help you think through this process. Download that worksheet here to start finding solutions. Are you ready to start focusing on the process?


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