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Long before I started writing Conscious Communications, I dedicated myself to changing lives by sharing what I have learned. Since I was young I’ve loved two things: talking and teaching. It seems like being a public speaker and teacher at workshops and retreats was always in the cards for me. It’s no wonder that of all the things I do and the jobs I have, this is my favorite.

To me, there’s no other feeling in the world like the one I get when I make a personal connection with someone. I love seeing the light in their faces when their a-ha moments come to life right before my eyes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal development or business event when people make the connection between the words they use (with themselves or others) and their feelings, thoughts, and actions, joyful bells chime in my heart.

As someone who is committed to continual growth and learning but is also a single mom to two teenage boys and an author, all while running my own business, time is one of the most valuable things I have. Because I highly value time, I try to never waste anyone else’s. I design every speaking opportunity to be educational and entertaining while using a direct and practical structure that highlights my no-nonsense approach.

Whether you’re considering attending one of my events or you’re in search of a speaker I want to honestly thank you for the consideration. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Workshop Topics Include:

  • How to Have, Do, or Be Anything

  • Cleanse or Clog: How to Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

  • Authentic Leadership in Every Area of Your Life

  • The Power of Vision

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“It’s not enough though, to know the information; Anyone can recite data. Your audience wants to be entertained, too. Mary’s easy-going style, sense of humor and ability to be spontaneous while still keeping things on track will have those listening engaged throughout her speech, interview or Q & A. What’s more, they will be sure to be offered strategies they can use later the same day they hear Mary’s presentation. In other words, they’ll continue to feel the benefit of listening to Mary well after they’ve left your teleconference, meeting or conference room.”

Andrew R. Timms, President, Spectra ART Enterprises

“Mary shares the rawness that exists inside all of us as we tackle life’s big lessons. Through her stories, we are reminded that there is a bigger picture, and that perspective is the paintbrush that can formulate our memories. Through the sharing of her truth, she offers skills, thought processes, and practices which she has found the most helpful for our benefit.”

Jessica Nolen, Licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker

“Mary teaches through clear and concise practices. I found the exercises to be easy yet challenging as they took me deeper into my own words, thoughts, and actions.”

Sara Yupcavage, Business Owner & Entrepreneur