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Ladies, this one is for you. Today, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with my friend Giovanna Capozza of the empowering She Rises podcast. Giovanna is a Master Life Coach, Spiritual Intelligence Teacher and Mind/Body Expert, so you can bet we dive deep in this episode. In the She Rises podcast, Giovanna talks to experts about the stuff that weighs women down, and shares practical advice on everything from health, personal development, spirituality, and more. It’s all about learning how to become the woman you always wanted to be before the ‘shoulds’ of life took over. As Giovanna says, “Each of us has our own fire to burn, our own ashes to rise from…”

Giovanna and I are perfectly aligned when it comes to our teaching, and since first connecting with her back in June 2017, we have stayed in touch to work on Facebook live trainings and more together. This episode is so empowering, and is absolutely perfect for those of you (especially the ladies!) who feel defeated by life. This episode was no-holds-barred with some hard-hitting stuff like feeling out of control, releasing your fears, and the science behind a lot of popular spiritual beliefs. In this episode, we share that Affirmation is how we not only talk to our brain, it’s how we command our brain, and that you should always remember that you have a choice – because you are the master of your fate.


Here’s what we discussed:

  • Conscious Communications and where it started
  • The true meaning of alignment and the ‘Power of Now’
  • Bruce Lipton’s The Honeymoon Effect
  • The power of your choices
  • All about affirmations
  • Personal development isn’t always quitting your job

Here are some powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “As an entrepreneur, I don’t even know what now is…”
  • “We are creating our lives, and I can show you the best way to create what you want instead of constantly creating chaos.”
  • “As you get into Conscious Communications… we’re really learning how to communicate with our guidance.”
  • “This isn’t about being superhuman or becoming the Buddha, this is actually about how to empower yourself to live a better quality of life and get out of victim consciousness.” -Giovanna Capozza

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