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Last week I discussed a few tips on making the right choice. If you haven’t already, read that post 

Rain drops on the swimming pool blue water surface that have ripple wave effect on liquid texture and top view angle.

here. But how important are choices anyway? Does it really matter which choices we make if it’s a small choice like deciding what to eat for dinner? The truth is, every choice you make creates your life through the ripple effect. This includes all choices we make; from what we have for dinner to what career we pursue. Download the Ripple Effect worksheet for today, and let’s jump into the importance of choices.

The fact is, our choices make up our reality—they affect every single moment of every single day. Even small choices like what we eat for dinner can shape our health, our energy, our happiness, our finances, and more. Every choice branches out and affects other parts of life, resulting in a ripple that could change your life. Each time we make a conscious choice, we move forward in a new direction, one that opens us up to an infinite number of different outcomes. Each choice you make creates potential, and that potential could be for either positive or negative growth.

For example, a decision as minute as having Chinese takeout for dinner could affect your sleep. Lack of sleep could affect your work the next day, which could affect your career path. It could also affect your happiness. Moodiness could cause a fight with your significant other, which could then lead to negative outcomes in your relationship. In an example like this, it seems dramatic to suggest that you could fight with your significant other over ordering takeout, but a ripple effect can grow into a tsunami if treated mindlessly. Even small choices have unseen consequences and the potential to either make or break your goals.

The micro-moments create the ripple that defines us.

Black shoes has decision to make at the cross roadIt’s important to remember that, even if a choice seems small or insignificant, it could affect your entire outcome. What determines our future are the micro-moments; those moment-to-moment choices that we make in seemingly unimportant situations. Those micro-moments define us. As a result, it’s not even necessarily the biggest choices that have the most impact. Things like whether to go on a date, or whether to strike up a conversation; the decision to turn left or turn right when crossing the street—these choices can have a tremendous impact on our lives.

Consequently, it is these choices, informed by the emotional intensity behind them, that builds our reality. Each choice we make helps to etch out the map of our lives. We are our lives’ architects, and every decision closes some doors and opens others. As I wrote in Conscious Communications, each choice we make either drives a connection to our dreams, or drives a disconnection that plants a wall between us and our dreams. Take note in your worksheet of the ripple effect that could result from seemingly mundane decisions. Will you build a solid foundation that will bridge the gap between you and your dreams?


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