• Title Image: ReIgnite Your Purpose Podcast Interview

Today, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Sheila Sutherland of the powerful Reignite Your Purpose podcast. Sheila’s podcast is all about disturbing the “Shoulds” that we face everyday, and encouraging everyone to find their own purpose and passion. As a life and relationship coach and bestselling author, Sheila is the perfect person to host this podcast, especially when you learn more about her personal story. Sheila describes the podcast as, “For Life, For Love, For You.” I think that’s the best possible explanation of the show, and it demonstrates why everyone should be listening.

Sheila’s teachings totally mirror my own. We both believe that you should live a life you love with a purpose you feel inspired by. So that was the big topic today: Purpose (with the big P). In this episode we explain the full impact that our thoughts and words have upon us and others. I explained Conscious Communications and the science that backs it up, and how we can affect our own biochemistry. I loved this conversation and I’ve been so excited to collaborate with Sheila again. What are you waiting for? Click play!

Here’s what we discussed:

  • How to find your big P Purpose (without leaving your day job!)
  • Alignment and barrier beliefs (and how you can overcome them)
  • Conscious Communications (and of course the power of words)
  • The 5 kinds of self-expression (and why they make our words so powerful)

Here are some powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “Science and Spirituality is really talking about the same things, they just use different languages.”
  • “We have to change our minds, and then our lives will change.”
  • “We can be deliberate with our words, which will carve out new neural pathways in our brain, but we need to be consistent.”
  • “Learning how to say no and be okay with that is actually gifting something to myself.” -Sheila Sutherland

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