Today, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Brandon Beachum of the powerful Positive Head podcast. The Positive Head podcast is tuned into spirituality and consciousness, and each week, Brandon interviews a different conscious change maker who’s making a positive impact on the world. Brandon also shares empowering quotes, thought-provoking questions, and more to help feed his listeners’ minds and souls.

If you’re a practical and science-minded person like me, you might be thinking that’s a little on the woo woo side. But stay with me here, and you’ll see how we made often-used-but-rarely-explained terms like living in alignment and vibrational escrow easy to understand and digest. I shared some of the most impactful exercises from Conscious Communications, and explain the journey from doubting spirituality to trusting neuroscience to back it up. Specifically, I explain how neuroscience actually backs up some of the more ‘out there’ teachings like synchronicity and manifestation. This is such a juicy episode, because I always doubted spirituality and struggled to process the teachings. I’m sure many of you have too, so it’s a perfect resource for those of you who don’t quite buy these teachings and want some more science to back it up.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Manifestation and vibrational escrow (and what that even means)
  • How to live in alignment (and how controlling your feelings is impossible)
  • The power of Abracadabra (I will create as I speak)
  • My experience with Abraham (Esther Hicks) (and how I use neuroscience to make sense of this spirituality)
  • How to tell the right stories to empower yourself (and the science of the biology of belief)
  • How to embrace an alter ego to empower yourself (character archetypes and how to become them)
  • The meaning of life (as I see it)

Here are some powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “I use neuroscience to explain how and why we are creating our own reality.”
  • “When you start applying neuroscience to this, the exercises and daily practices you do become even more focused and powerful.”
  • “Humans are meaning making machines.”
  • “I can do anything, I just can’t do everything.” -Brandon Beachum

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