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Why does forgiveness matter? How can we even forgive ourselves? I struggled with these concepts for some time, but I’ve finally realized that forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools you can wield. Forgiving yourself can change your entire outlook. But as we all know, forgiveness is easier said than done. I’ve decided that for the next two weeks, I’m going to do a little miniseries on the obstacles you may face. So here are the first 3 obstacles you might face when trying to forgive.

The first obstacle I have on the list is all about judgment.

We’re constantly criticizing and judging ourselves for things that have happened in theImage: Dying rose - represents obstacle to forgiveness past. In order to get into true alignment with your dreams, desires, and purpose, you must let go of the regrets in your past. We cannot get into alignment if we have things in our past that we haven’t forgiven ourselves for.

Judging ourselves is a daily practice. I get it! One day, I kept track of how many times I judged myself and I kid you not, there were hundreds of judgments. Almost in every moment, I was judging something or someone. You’re probably the same way. Judgment is the first obstacle to forgiveness. Take some time today and think about how many judgments you make. I’ve created a worksheet to make it easy.

The next obstacle might just be your morals and values.

We all have a set of morals and values – these are our beliefs about what is right and what’s wrong. Think about it: most of the regrets in your past are probably things that have been outside your morals. This means that you think those regrettable moments are unforgivable because they go against your beliefs about what’s right.

The thing is, when you don’t forgive yourself, you hold that resentment and sadness in your body. I guarantee you, this is keeping you out of alignment. If you’re having blocks, it’s likely due to you judging yourself. You’re not forgiving yourself for the things in your past which go against your values. If you’ve done something in your past that’s outside of your values, it’s easier to hold on to that guilt and shame. It becomes almost impossible to forgive yourself. You just have to take accountability for what you’ve done and release it. Release your hold on it and forgive yourself.

Image: Chain in front of city - obstacles to goalsThe final obstacle I’m sharing today is attachment.

We’re attached to these things that we’ve done in our past. We’re constantly cycling through and judging ourselves again for these things. We keep them on hand to bring up whenever we feel unworthy or less than. We attach ourselves to the things that we perceive as mistakes, which creates more blocks.

The solution here is obviously to detach. Detach from the idea that you have blocks because of things in your past. Detach from these memories that keep cycling in your mind, keeping you in the rut of shame and unworthiness. If you do this, you can learn to forgive yourself.

So those are the first 3 obstacles that might be keeping you from forgiving yourself. If you can figure out how identify to these and overcome them, you’ll be unstoppable. I’ve created a worksheet for you to help you identify these obstacles, so download that now. If you liked these and want to know about the other 4, drop a comment below! If I get some requests, I’ll keep the miniseries going with the next few obstacles. Massive Love.



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