• Title Image: ReIgnite Your Purpose Podcast Interview

Today, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Jeff Agostinelli of the powerful The Next Level podcast. For Jeff’s entire life, he has been asking how to take things to the next level and find your why. With The Next Level, Jeff shares life and business coaching from entrepreneurs, authors, and other thought leaders to educate and inspire.

My favorite thing about The Next Level podcast is that Jeff makes sure each episode includes a simple tip or actionable strategy to help you get to the next level. This show is going huge places so I was so grateful to be able to chat with Jeff. In this episode, we discuss how I changed the face of my business by developing a communication strategy that fosters connection rather than distress and anger. Me and Jeff are both self-professed neuronerds, so we just had to discuss the neuroscience behind this communication strategy and the personal development methods I teach.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • The communication strategy that changed my business and life.
  • How every habit we have and word we say shapes our life, and how you can harness that power.
  • How to reduce anxiety and stress in this overstimulating world.
  • We can develop habits that push us toward the life of our dreams and this is how.
  • Strategies to become bolder and more confident, and to actually accomplish our goals.

Here are some powerful quotes from the episode:

  • “Your greatest manifestations happen outside of your comfort zone.”
  • “Just by doing something new, you begin the workings of creating a new neural pathway.”
  • “We have the freedom to create our own lives.”
  • “There’s a lot of science that really speaks to the power of how this all works.” -Jeff Agostinelli

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