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Image: Building Blocks stacked on character's head, building programming

Have you ever felt stuck? Like your brain just can’t change or grow? I have some tips for getting unstuck, but what if your brain really can’t change? Not long ago, neurologists used to think that the human brain did become hardwired. They said it couldn’t achieve dramatic growth past a certain age. But now we know that’s not the case. Today, modern studies in neuroplasticity have shown the opposite is true. Sharon Begley, author of Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, wrote that the brain has the capability to change at any age. She found that it is even capable of altering its structure to the extent of creating new neurons and neuron paths. We now know that it’s possible for us to change our programming at 15, 35, or even 105! There’s no such thing as unchangeable hardwiring of the brain.

Anything is possible when we understand that we can and will change our thoughts. And our lives give us reasons to rewrite our subconscious programming, because for most of us, 95% of our thoughts and actions come from our subconscious programming. This 95% is often in conflict with the 5% that contains creativity, goals, and desires. When these two parts, the subconscious and the conscious, are at odds, it can be very difficult to effect change. Trying to gain momentum can feel like climbing a steep mountain without any gear; it won’t be long before we exhaust ourselves.

To accomplish real, lasting change, we have to have both the conscious and subconscious mind working together. The good news is, we can do this whether we’re 5, 25, or 85.

So… Do you want to change your brain and your life?

As I mention in Conscious Communications, our focus is what helps shape that 5% of our conscious mind. Deliberately changing our focus can change what we see, which can change everything. Whether it’s a new job opportunity, a catchy song on the radio, a resolved conflict, or any other scenario. I hate to tell you this, but getting clear on our focus doesn’t mean we can automatically change our subconscious mind. Reworking that other 95% of our programming is a difficult and ongoing process that can take a lifetime of patience and dedication.

What’s great is that despite this ongoing process, we can begin to feel the positive effects almost immediately. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of rewards alongside the work as we strive to create a new mindset. It does often take many conscious choices to create new behaviors before our brain will catch on… but it can happen quickly, and the positive new habits will be so worth it.

Building a New Mindset

Image: Woman working on computer programming

Picture this scenario: You get a brand new personalized computer. It’s fully loaded with exactly what you need to make your hectic life run smoothly. You start it up and your eyes go wide as you see every app and program you need, laid out in exactly the way you want. It’s your personal hard drive.

In this situation, the computer is your brain and the hard drive is your subconscious programming. Each program can either make your computer run like a champ or crawl like a slug. Similarly, each subconscious belief program in your brain can either help you achieve your dreams or tear you away from them. They can either create connections to the life of your dreams or drive disconnection from your deepest desires.

Ideally, each person’s brain would come with the perfect programs. They would have the optimal setup to seek out and achieve experiences of love, accomplishment, and more. But in the real world, we’re born as blank slates. Throughout our lives, we begin to create our own subconscious programs in response to experiences, culture, and more.

As We Go Through Life

As we go through life, we experience a wide range of events and feelings, from incredible to tragic. Sometimes, we adopt harmful beliefs that maybe those tragic events happened because we brought them on ourselves. Maybe we think we deserve them. These beliefs are going to lead us to experience more tragedy. Because when we believe a story that reinforces an emotional block, we also reinforce neural pathways. Our beliefs can become a barrier that holds us back from achieving our desires. 

Ultimately, that sounds pretty rough, but the rewards for making conscious choices are incredible. You can change these beliefs by making conscious choices and cultivating a more positive focus. Utilize that 5% of conscious beliefs to the fullest, and you can change the other 95%. It will all be so worth it when you feel happier, stronger, more successful, and more. Download the worksheet to get started right now.


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