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Get your life in alignment. Get your thoughts, words, and actions all in

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 alignment to live a positive, successful life.” Many gurus (including myself) share these words of wisdom, but as we all know, saying is often much easier than doing. So how do we actually make the moves to create a life in alignment? One key step is to detach yourself from behaviors or situations that don’t line up with what you want. Again, easier said than done. It’s simple to see these incongruent behaviors in others, but not so simple to fix in ourselves. The first step you can take to make this easier is to get to know yourself.  

Step 1: Ask yourself: Do you engage in behaviors that don’t line up with your goals?

For example, are you someone who claims every day (while eating a slice of pizza), “This is my last day eating carbs. Tomorrow I’m starting my diet and exercise.” But then when tomorrow comes, you find yourself in the very same situation? This contradictory behavior is clear as day to point out in others, but it can be difficult to see in ourselves.

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Detaching from these behaviors is crucial if you want to achieve the life of your dreams. Detachment is all about knocking off the future-blocking actions and behaviors that you engage in. Maybe you can see these actions in yourself, or maybe you struggle to identify the harmful behaviors. Either way, the solution is to take a closer look at what you want and how you identify. It’s time to get to know yourself.

How To Get Started

I’ve put together some deep questions to help you get to know who you really are. Download the worksheet and get to know yourself. Once you have a clearer view of your identity, you can begin to align with behaviors that match that identity. Again, this is easy to say but will take some work to put into effect. This process to get to know yourself can make it so much easier to live in your true identity. You’ll have to shed layer after layer of the person you’re not, but once you get down to the heart of you, it’s all worth it.

The goal here is to make choices that resonate with your true self. Once you get to the true you under the layers of challenges, criticism, judgment, and doubts, you can move forward. You can take the right action when you are living authentically. When you are holding firm in the center of your truth, you cannot be toppled. It all starts with moving the tiniest part of the true you forward to center stage. Grab that worksheet and get to know yourself. Are you living authentically?

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