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In these past few weeks, I have been really diving into the powers of personal creation. This includes perception, breakthrough, and more. I do this because I believeImage: sand falling from hand, letting go of fear that no matter your circumstances, you can grow. You can become a happier, and more motivated individual. All it takes is a thought and an action. Wherever and whomever you are, you can choose a more empowering thought to undertake more empowering actions. The power is inside you. You have to push yourself past your comfort zone. The fear of failure is only holding you back.  Today I want to talk about the power of letting go of fear, especially within the context of a recent event I hosted. I’ve got an incredible worksheet for you to download to get started letting go!

To become the greatest version of yourself, you must let go of your fear of failure and embrace your ability to take action. The fear of failure can be crippling, as I know firsthand. But so what if you fail? You will have learned and grown from the experience. You have to push yourself to break the mold. It’s the empowered you that takes a chance, tries out for the team, or applies for the job. Taking that leap can mean the world. Who is the empowered you? It’s the you who, just for a moment, puts all your energy into being the greatest you to accomplish that goal. It’s the you who overcame your fear to finish the meeting, perform the speech, or give the introduction. We can stop the worries, fears, and doubts from pulling us apart.

The Event

Recently, I hosted a live Facebook event on the Hay House page. As many of you know, my upcoming book is being published by Hay House, and it launches this month! I happened to be in California, so I overcame my fear of reaching out to this huge, successful company, and I got in contact with several wonderful people at Hay

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House who were able to make this event happen. I was just asking to have a meeting with a marketing specialist, but, by overcoming my fear, I accomplished more than I could have ever hoped for. They actually invited me to host this live event directly from their offices!

Over 13,000 people, including many of you, watched that event. I was so nervous. This was a huge event, and I was hosting it from my dream publisher’s office! It was more than a dream come true, but I was also terrified! What if I messed up, and all of these people saw it? But I overcame my fears, and unleashed my best self for the 35 minutes that I livestreamed, and I couldn’t be happier! It turned out so well, and it was such a special opportunity! So I overcame my fears in two places – to get in contact with Hay House to set up a meeting, and to host this live event, and both were more successful than I could have hoped for!

The Exercise

The takeaway here is that you can’t stop worries, fear, or doubt from impacting you. But you can temporarily shut them off long enough for the greatest version of you to be in charge. Get started grabbing hold of the most empowering thought available – your affirmations. Use that empowerment to embrace your best self for just a short amount of time so that you can achieve your dreams. Can’t think of one? Just think: What is the opposite of these fearful, doubting thoughts?

Once you’ve plugged some empowering affirmations into your mind, it’s time to leap into action. I have spelled this out in the worksheet. You have to go for it and take the first step. If you take the first step, you will likely create a second step to take, and from there, the possibilities are endless. Stop waiting to be ready. Waiting is a stall tactic you create to protect yourself from failure and rejection. Waiting eventually turns into “I should,” and “I should” eventually turns into “I should have,” which ultimately leads to regret and missed opportunities. This applies to your job, your family, your clients, and your friends. This applies to absolutely everyone.

The Takeaway:

Therefore, you can miss the opportunity of a lifetime because you are waiting for things to be perfect. The other guy – the other applicant, the other employee, the other parent – probably isn’t waiting. Mel Robbins says, “You can feel so overwhelmed with self-doubt.” It’s this doubt that holds you back. You can succumb to this pitfall. Or, it can be an opportunity for you to overcome. Embrace that power of letting go, and let go of those barrier beliefs and fears. From here on, embrace the power of action and make your move. So you can go incredible places when you let go of fear. Download that worksheet and take those first steps to get started now. Let me know how it goes!


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