Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

This all-purpose, mega-planning guide includes tools to clear the clutter so you can increase your clarity and momentum for 2017.  Gain intuitive insight of your inner inventory by:

  • Clearing Your Clogs
  • Unlocking the Power of Your Mind
  • Launching Your Listables
  • Designing Your 2017 Vision

Your FREE Ignite Your Dreams Workbook

Ignite Your Dreams is your step-by-step guide to clearing out the clutter and focusing on what really matters. With 26 pages packed with actionable exercises, inspiring quote, and pro tips from Mary Shores, Ignite Your Dreams will help you take your goals from being dreams to reality.

Conscious Communications Free Guidebook

What’s inside?

  • Zen 10 – An interactive meditation beginning with getting down on paper 10 things you would like to see happen in your life.
  • Clear Your Clogs – You are one choice away from a completely different life, you just need to know how to direct your choices.
  • Non-Negotiables – Taking care of yourself will actually make you a happier, more productive and more confident version of you.
  • Listables – Once you have these lists completed, you will find that you have more time and space to focus on your dreams!
  • Your One Page Action Plan – Make a plan. This exercise might make your brain sweat a little bit, but the results will be completely worth it.

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