Don’t be stuck in your heartbreak this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to move forward, it’s time to heal!

5 Easy Steps to Breakthrough Your Breakup

  • Knock-off the Negative Self-talk
  • Recognize Red Flags
  • Navigate Your Needs
  • Reflecting on the Relationship
  • Your Ideal Relationship Vision

What's inside?

Knock-off the Negative Self-talk

Beating yourself up isn't going to help. Learn to replace the negative self-talk with something that will serve you!

Recognize the Red Flags

I think we can all admit to ourselves that there are always at least some red flags in the beginning of most relationships. Learn how to label and watch out for red flags.

Navigate Your Needs

As human beings, we all have needs and while these relationships were sometimes not exactly what we wanted, they must have met some pretty big human needs. Discover your basic human needs.

Reflecting on the Relationship

Take some time to reflect on the relationship. This is the first step to creating your customized relationship vision. 

Your Relationship Vision

Using everything you've learned about yourself through the workbook, create a complete picture of what it is you want in a relationship.