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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been told to “change your thoughts, change your life.” But a lot of the time, I feel like I don’t know where my thoughts are coming from. They’re sometimes kind of crazy and out of control, it seems. This is because you really don’t control most of your thoughts. Here are three reasons why, PLUS what you can do instead to change your life. I’m giving a free gift away as well, so watch the video below until the end to see all the details.

1. Your Thoughts Come From Your Subconscious

Your subconscious is like a library, storing up every experience. Everything that you’ve ever witnessed, everything Image: Man sitting by sunset, trying to control thoughtsthat has ever happened to you is in this library. Your subconscious is out of your control (hint: Sub-conscious). Think about any dreams you’ve ever had. Those come from your subconscious and you absolutely can’t control them. When your thoughts are coming from your subconscious, these are based on experiences mostly built up from your childhood. This is why they’re called your formative years. Because from birth to about age 7, your subconscious is documenting everything that has happened. It documents positive or negative, and those experiences shape most of our thoughts, which is why we can’t control them.

  2. Your Thoughts Come From Your Chemical Recipe

What I’m talking about here is your nervous system. All the chemicals and hormones that flood your system daily work to control your thoughts one way or another. We live in an age of constant stimulation, and we don’t have many ways to block that out. Phone notifications, emails, car horns, and more. With each stressor, our nervous system is triggered and we leap into that fight-or-flight mode. Your system will pump out tons of adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress/upset hormones. It’s hard to focus on the positive when everything within your body is screaming at you to run or fight. That’s all decided by your hormones. This is another reason why your thoughts aren’t easy to control.

 3. Your Thoughts Are Impacted By Your Daily Circumstances

Your daily situation is also going to impact your peace of mind. Kids and family, changing jobs, going bankrupt. These are all daily stressors that are increasing those stress chemicals even more. This causes some major toxic buildup, and guess what? At some point, that buildup is going to blow. I personally chatted with a woman who was pretty frustrated with the personal development movement in general. She said, “How can I think positive when I had to apply for food stamps last week?” And this is so true – you can’t just think positive when you feel like your situation is crumbling around you.

So then what do you do about it? The thing that I have found is that you can control your words. The trick to connect yourself with all of the things you do want is literally down to changing your words. When you get control of your words and you can use words of gratitude deliberately, you’re going to notice some massive shifts. It’s scientifically proven that your daily words can begin to reprogram what’s in your subconscious. Once you’ve reprogrammed your subconscious, then your thoughts can begin to change. So it is true, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” Changing your words is the important first step to do that.


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