Harness the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life 

Learn easy-to-follow, step-by-step practices to teach you how to launch yourself to the next level.

  • Discover the 3 pillars of transformation
  • Break through your barriers
  • Learn the power of choosing moment to moment how you portray yourself in the world
  • Set goals to inspire your brain and body to campaign for success
  • Create your own customized action plan

Your FREE Conscious Communications Guidebook

In this stunning, all new, 30-page companion course to the book, Mary’s practical teachings will be brought to life so that you can truly get the biggest impact. Packed with actionable exercises, thought-provoking statements, and empowering quotes, the companion course will cement Mary’s teachings, providing you with the tools to solidify your personal growth and create the life of your dreams.


Conscious Communications Free Guidebook

What’s inside?

  • Your Gratitude Group – Share your gratitude with your group every day. This is a great first step to living a more positive life.
  • Life Wheel – Expose the areas of your life that need improvement. Identifying these areas is a great way to start on the road to your full potential.
  • Your 100 Things List – A surprisingly challenging exercise to help you begin the journey to self-love so you can feel empowered about who you are.
  • Zen 10 – Commit to supporting your body and mind so that they can support you. Customize your own self-care schedule to relax, recuperate, and unwind.
  • The Big Ten – Identify which events have caused dramatic change in your life to help you recognize how certain events have impacted you and how they are connected.
  • Cleanse or Clog – Identify behaviors and choices that are clogging and disconnecting you from your desires so you can start to consciously choose more cleanses that will connect you to a life in alignment.
  • Your Do Not Say List – Drop the negative self-talk with your personalized list.

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