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Today, I have special guest expert Traci DeForge, whose 25-year professional career reflects a unique combination of Broadcast Media Management and Fortune 500 Business Consulting. Her history with business led to expanding her entrepreneurial portfolio by founding Produce Your Podcast. Traci merged her history with business with her passion for creativity by producing and hosting the Journey to There podcast. She teaches along a similar vein as me, where business and personal development mix, so she’s the perfect guest to share today’s topic.
Let’s dive in.

The best compliment I can receive as a business owner is simply said, “I love the way you pay attention to the details around customer satisfaction.”Image: Woman headed forward to successful business

I’ve been a CEO. I’ve founded and successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. I have consulted thousands of entrepreneurs on building the business of their dreams. People often pose the question, “What is the one thing I can do immediately to see growth in my company?” I answer the same every single time: pay attention to all of the details and it will grow steadily and swiftly.

The purposeful act of paying attention to the particulars is an action which sets you apart in any endeavor. It is the most affordable contribution to your business and one which ensures you greater levels of success. There is no cost involved. When the playing field is level, it is the one who pays the most attention to details who wins.

I am a sunglasses junkie. I have a habit of purchasing expensive sunglasses. When it comes to delivering a quality product and over the top customer service…Maui Jim gets it. The company creates customer happiness by sending you a new pair if you break yours. The brand loyalty created is worth every penny of the cost of the glasses. The goodwill inspires repeat business. The word of mouth generates new business. It’s a win-win for everybody.

The difference between your business being average or your business being the next Maui Jim of your industry comes down to being hypervigilant to the details of customer service and accurately representing your product. Making the effort to go above and beyond when it comes to the little things will set yourself apart from your competition. Many businesses such as Apple and Disney are well known for exceptional performance in this area. Nick Swinmurn, founder of Zappos, built his entire brand on delivering happiness. You rarely hear of an unhappy Zappos customer.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, had a commonly quoted saying: “Details matter, it’s worth getting it right.” I add to that by saying, it is worth getting it right the first time. The deliberate focus on getting things right the first time saves time and money. It guarantees a satisfied customer the first time. So the energy and resources to turn around an unsatisfied patron can then be invested in other ways to grow your business.

Image: Young business women having coffeeHere are my go-to attention to detail areas I concentrate on for success:

Consistency is key. 

This is important both in the branding and pricing of your business services and products. Pay attention to design areas. The fonts and colors of your logo on all of your materials is important – everything from signage to business cards. Consumers notice these details even if it is on a subliminal level. Therefore, when everything is visually consistent, it creates a calmer experience for the customer and builds immediate trust. Consistency in your pricing is imperative. Everybody wants to feel like they got the same great deal as their neighbor. Once you begin to build trust through solid branding, don’t break it by being inconsistent with what you charge them.

Check and double check.

This encompasses all elements of your business. Check with your employees to ensure they really do understand the details of the new product you are launching. Print out a copy of any design work before approving it. Because logos look different on every screen, make sure you love the way yours looks on paper. Most importantly, check and double check your financial reality against your projected goals. It is far easier to course correct than to start over.

Hit the pause button.

If you tire while working on a big project, step away. I work late at night, but I never hit the send button until I hit the pause button, sleep on it, and review it one more time with a fresh set of eyes. The pause button can be especially useful before hitting send on an email that has been written when you are angry with the receiving party.

I often use the phrase “the story is the same, the details are different.” There is no truer statement when it comes to gaining the competitive edge in your business. Your competitor may be telling the same story about a similar product or service. The business who has their eye on the details of making it the very best it can be will be the clear leader.

Image: Traci DeForge business headshotTraci’s 25-year professional career reflects a unique combination of Broadcast Media Management and Fortune 500 Business Consulting. From early stage design and development start-ups to her work with Fortune 500 companies including Google and Hilton, Traci has unique talent maintaining the overall vision, while simultaneously executing details needed to achieve specific goals.

This powerful combination led to expanding her entrepreneurial portfolio by founding Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast production company and her passion for creativity by producing and hosting the Journey to There podcast. The show provides inspiration and tactile tips on how to navigate the intersection between personal and business growth.

Traci facilitates workshops and classes in cities all across the country including Stanford University. She has feature experience on CNN, and is a contributor for 

If you want more of these special insights and nuggets of wisdom, especially more tips on how to create the life of your dreams, check out our episode of Journey To There podcast. Traci shared some awesome takeaways and has all the resources lined up so you can easily start your journey.


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