Image: woman on dock in red dress, relaxing, self-loveHave you ever had a self-love realization? You know, that moment in the mirror where you notice your smile looks just a bit brighter than usual or you just know you’re rocking that outfit. We’ve all had this moment at least once, right? It’s incredible and so empowering. It changes your whole day. But have you ever noticed that even after that moment, magic happens? It seems like everyone else is noticing that little thing too. Your coworker compliments your hair, or the barista at your coffee shop says you’ve got a great smile, or maybe your partner says you look great when you grab dinner together. It seems like everything aligns on these days, when you and the whole world are on the same page about how awesome you are. We could all use more of these moments, and I’m going to show you how.

My personal experience with this magical moment happened times two, a few years ago on National Women’s Day. I was invited to be a guest on a local radio show, where I talked about my 100 Things List. For those who don’t know, the 100 Things List is simple; it’s 100 things you love (or like) about yourself. This list was born in Chapter 2 of Conscious Communications and according to the host, it was a big hit. In the interview, I shared my number 99 and the magic that happened afterwards. In my list, I wrote: #99 – I am radiant.

Now to be clear, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to see that truth about myself if I hadn’t listed the first 98 things. They helped me peel back the layers to truly see these deeper things I loved about myself. After I wrote down that affirmation (because really, at its heart, this is a list of real and true affirmations), I noticed that people were constantly complimenting me. This was a compliment I had never received before. I’m sure you can guess what it was.

You’re so radiant!

Image: women taking, chatting together, love

This compliment flooded in within a two-week period after I wrote that list, and for good reason. I had uncovered that truth about myself, and because of that, I was walking around smiling, holding my head up high, and glowing. I was radiant. Now, on the radio show, I also shared my #100, which was: I am a magnetic, powerful creator. The interviewer said there were hundreds of women who were eager to try creating their own 100 Things List. It seemed that everywhere I went in the weeks that followed that interview, people were doing the 100 Things List. Some of them, my barista included, even randomly came up to me to share their OMG moments. I shared that I was a powerful, magnetic creator, and then I experienced so many others being impacted by my powerful, magnetic creation. See what I’m getting at?

The Lightbulb Moment

So why is it that when you have that lightbulb self-love moment, it seems like everyone else does too? This is because when you feel better about yourself, you’ll actually look better. This seems a little backwards, right? But it’s true. Renowned social psychologist Roy Baumeister conducted a study in 2003 that found that people with high self-esteem are happier, more active, and see themselves as being more attractive and better liked. Happier, more active, more sociable people were all perceived as more attractive and more likable. If you’re happier, more active, more confident, etc. then you’re also exercising, smiling more, being friendlier, using better posture, and more. All of this works together to create this fact: people with higher self-esteem are more attractive. If you believe you’re confident, beautiful, and powerful, you will be (and other people will notice this)!

Whether it’s on the 100 Things List, the gratitude practice I mention a lot, daily affirmations, or something else that works for you, you’ll see some incredibly positive results. Rest easy knowing you’re not crazy – this connection between feeling better and looking better to others is so real! The synchronicity is that when I wrote something specific on my 100 Things List, it started showing up for me. It did for the women listening to the radio program that day, and it will for you too. So let’s get started building that self-love, because it truly makes a difference that you’ll see reflected everywhere.


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