Farewell Frustrated Fiends: The Words that Work 3 Part Plan

shutterstock_220671628Everyone in business has experienced the frustrated fiend of a customer: from the mildly miffed to the most insanely difficult, far beyond the point of being rational. Dealing with a customer who comes to you frustrated or goes well beyond this point challenges our day-to-day use of Words that Work. (Want more information? Read about Words that Work: How to Achieve Outstanding Customer Service) In order to help you through these difficult situations, I’ve developed the Words that Work 3 Part Plan(more…)

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Words that Work: How to Achieve Outstanding Customer Service

When I tell people I’m the CEO of a debt collection agency as well as provide workshops on customer service training I am met with looks of astonishment. A collection agency is the last place you would expect to get first rate customer service advice.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you
did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou


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How to Gain Empowerment by Giving Up Control

When you create and build a business, putting your blood, sweat and tears into growing it to make it profitable, it’s hard to release even the tiniest bit of control over how it is run. Surely you are the only person who knows how to do what needs to be done correctly. If you delegate a task to someone else, how can you trust they will do it the right way, consistently, as you do. You probably would end up doing it over again yourself!

If you agree with any of these statements, you might just be a control freak. (more…)

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What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are often about ourselves and our self-identity. They constrain us in some way, as just by believing in them, we do not think, say or do the things they discourage. By conforming to these limiting beliefs, we impoverish our lives.

Once you believe something, you have created a certainty in your mind. When one thinks they cannot do something, most of the time they won’t ever even try. Think about something that you believe you know you cannot do. Do you completely believe you cannot do it? Why do you think you cannot? Is it because it isn’t possible or is it simply because you think you can’t? (more…)

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Improve Communication – Ask for Exactly What You Need

My business is collections. The most important thing in collections is to ask for the payment. You would be surprised at how often this simple, yet extremely important, question is missed. The key is direct communication.

In a recent post, I used the dietary exercise ‘Cleanse or Clog,’ to filter other areas of my life, just as I use it to choose what I eat. This got me thinking that I could apply the basics of other principles to different areas of my life, in addition to what they were initially designed for. (more…)

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Improve Your Life Using Cleanse or Clog

While at a workshop I recently attended, the speaker was talking about food and losing weight. The speaker asked a really simple question, “Will this cleanse or clog me?” After I left the workshop this simple question stuck with me. I began to wonder what else in my life I could apply this simple filter to and begin to avoid or change. Surprisingly I discovered I could apply this simple question to almost everything in my life. (more…)

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What To Do When You Don’t Have the Answer

It’s okay to not always have the answers. If someone asks you a question that you don’t have an answer for tell them.

In my office we say that we need more time to investigate the situation and set a specific time to get back to the person with the answer.

That works great for business but what do you do in your personal life? It’s really not that different. Be honest. (more…)

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Turn Your Can’ts into Cans!

How many times a day do you think you say the word can’t?  10? 20? More or less?  When most people say they can’t do something what they are really saying is I won’t…  I don’t want to… or I don’t have time.  If I asked my son to mow the yard and he told me that he can’t, does he really mean that it is physically impossible for him to mow the yard? No. He’s saying he doesn’t want to do it or that he doesn’t have time to it. At the end of that short conversation I don’t feel good and connected with my son. Also, my yard still needs to be mowed!

What kind of difference would it make if we changed that can’t into a can?

cants-can (more…)

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The Brain Chain

Have you ever wondered why your results were not what you hoped for?  Your feelings determine your thoughts. Your thoughts determine the words you say.The words you say determine the actions you’ll take. The actions you take determine the results you will get. This chain works both ways! What actions didFTWAR you take to reach those results? What words did you say about taking those actions? What thoughts did you have to make you say those words? What feelings do you have that make you think that way? This is why if you say you can’t then you can’t! If you say you can’t do it then you believe you can’t so you won’t take actions necessary to get the results! Instead, say you can do it, think I can do it, then you’ll feel I can do it, and you will take the actions to get the results!

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How to Start with Why

What is your reason WHY?  My answer for my company, which is a collection agency, is that I want people to feel good about paying their debts. I understand that having a debt is a burden to both the consumer and the creditor. It is our job to help both parties find reasonable solutions.

Why do you do what you do? (more…)

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