Break Through Barrier Beliefs

break through barrier beliefs blogIn a previous post, I explored a few different limiting beliefs, and since then I’ve written about memory and subconscious programming. I have now come to the conclusion, these beliefs aren’t just limiting but also barriers. I feel it is time to write about them again to address how to break down these barrier beliefs.

I chose to start calling them barrier beliefs because the definition of a barrier is much more accurate than the (more…)

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Sorting Your Subconscious: How to Reprogram Your Life

Sorting Your SubconciousEvery action we take and emotion we feel began as a thought. 95% of the mind is subconscious. The subconscious is what processes information taken in through our awareness, storing everything as a blueprint that contains all our memories, habits, beliefs, personality, etc. It allows us to keep from having to learn the same thing over and over each day. (Imagine having to learn to tie your shoes each morning!) With that lifetime of experience built up, there is a lot of information swimming around in that 95%! (more…)

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Making the Most of Memory

memoryThere’s a problem with your memory and it’s not something you forgot! Memory is a process that your mind uses to recall and store information. Duh! But, did you know until the mid-1990s, the science community thought memory was a permanent thing? They thought that once the brain processed a memory it was constant and unchangeable. We now know this isn’t the case. Memories are actually highly dynamic.

There is a lot of science here, and if you’d like to learn more, I suggest reading this article from Discover magazine, How Much of Your Memory Is True? What it boils down to is memory is flexible, not stabilized. Every time you recall a memory, the original one will, most likely, be replaced by a slightly modified version. (more…)

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Reflection: The Forgotten Step

reflectionsWe are nearing the end of the year and what a year 2015 has been! Not only is December the time to focus on celebration and family, but it’s the time to reflect on the past year. Reflecting on the year is a great way to connect you to your future. Let’s wrap up the year together and get a head start on 2016! Download the Reflections coaching exercise here.

My big accomplishment for 2015 was submitting my book proposal for the Hay House Publishing contest and winning first place. It’s always been my dream to improve the lives of other people. People often ask me what my secrets to success are because they want that kind of success for themselves. Here’s the great news! I want that (more…)

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Dare to Dream 2016

dare to dream pic 1It’s December, everyone! We are all occupied with the holidays and closing out the year. While most of the world slows down this month, high achievers are goal-setting in preparation for the New Year. With this in mind, I’ve designed a coaching exercise and I dare you to get your personal party started!

Presenting: Dare to Dream 2016.

  • The Zen Ten – Gain intuitive insight into your inner inventory.
  • Clear the Clogs – What’s still hangin’ around from 2015 that you don’t want clogging up 2016?
  • Non-Negotiables – What can you commit to do to care for YOU?
  • Unlock the Power of Your Mind – Stop hoarding mental to-do lists & define your dreams!
  • What’s Your Vision? – Describe, visualize & realize your biggest goal for 2016!
  • One Page Action Plan – Set the details of accomplishing this goal!


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Unlock the Power of Story

Wpower of storyhen I say the power of your story I’m talking about the story that you tell yourself and others about your life. Your story is incredibly powerful and it becomes our identity. Your story, and how you view yourself in it, can make you powerful or powerless and it can either connect or disconnect you with your ideal future.

Everyone has their own personal struggles in life so the story you tell might include things like how your parents loved your sibling more than you, your first husband cheated and was a controlling S.O.B., or you were abandoned at some point by someone. (more…)

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Employing Gratitude: It Works FOR You

Your success, and the success of your organization depends on others. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single employees love their jobpart of your company that doesn’t in some way depend on another person. Even having pens and paper makes us reliant on someone to make them, order them and deliver them to our office. There is a great opportunity here for gratitude. You may say, “Why gratitude? After all, why should we thank someone for doing a job they are paid to do?”

The answer is, it affects your business! Check this out: a staggering 52.3% of people are not satisfied with their current job. When this is the case, there is a real cost to your business in the form of low morale, poor productivity, absenteeism and high turnover. We all (more…)

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The Grinch of Gratitude: Uncovering the Ripple Effect

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve talked about gratitude: how it affects us personally, and how to start your own daily practice. We can train our brains to focus on the great things in our lives and influence our futures, expressing gratefulness for wonderful things to come. When we say or list things we’re grateful for, we harness the power of our words to create the world we want!shutterstock_111744533

An added benefit of gratitude practice is the ripple effect of positivity from within yourself to those around you. I noticed after starting my daily practice I was happier, more optimistic, feeling more fulfilled in my life. I now show more appreciation to my family, friends and employees. I can see the effect of my appreciation and how it makes them feel. I give more and feel more towards the people and things I feel gratitude for. I like to think of my heart having grown to three times its normal size, much like the Grinch’s on Christmas! (more…)

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8 Fun Ways to Establish a Practice of Gratitude

In last week’s post, I told you about what gratitude is and what it does for you. (To read, click here.) I have been convinced by my own experiences, and those others have shared with me, that having a practice of gratitude has an amazingly positive effect on our lives. I’ve been so impressed with the results, I started recommending it to everyone I talk to and have even written a section of my book on gratitude.LI Gratitude 2

I’ve found that the power of gratitude is in the words. (To read more about Words that Work, click here.) I recently came across a video full of mind-blowing facts and ideas (watch it here, the part I’m referencing is around the 29-minute mark.) The one thing that stood out to me was “Abracadabra!”

We all know this magic incantation. It spans far back, way before the 5-year-old birthday parties and stage magicians in Vegas. The origins of the word, according to Rabbi Michael Skobac, are Hebrew, and translate to, “I will create as I speak.” (more…)

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Gratitude: Practice It Every Day

linkedin grateful 1

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; Readiness to show appreciation for, and to return, kindness.

I love that definition. Gratitude is something I practice every day. It started for me after a really rough time in my life. I was searching for anything to get me out of the funk I was in and onto the path of the life I wanted to have. I came across a video by Pam Grout talking about making a list of things you are grateful for. I made my list and noticed that looking at my life and trying to find the things that were right and good brought me up a little higher. I had started to lift myself up from the dark hole I had been thrown down into, and it felt great. (more…)

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