Affirmations: Let Your Subconscious Do The Work

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou can think a million thoughts in a day. The possibilities of thoughts are boundless. Just as there are endless possibilities for thoughts in a person, there are also endless unique ways to affirm things in the world. Yet, despite the abounding potential for affirmations, in my research and experience, I have found there to be five general types of affirmations. I  have laid out those affirmations here for you so that you know which kinds to embrace and which kinds to avoid so that you can become your fullest and most powerful self! 

Negative and disempowering affirmations.
These are harmful critiques of yourself or others, like I am worthless or I hate it when I . . . These affirmations also include weak speech, with words like try and should. For example, saying something like “I should spend more time with my mom” is very different from actually spending time with your mother.

Releasing statements.
These statements empower you by describing what you will no longer accept as your truth and can be connected to making a Decision with a Big D: one that is charged with deep emotion and intention. For example: I release my anger and resentment of the past.

I am statements.
These affirmations state who you want to be in life by defining the qualities, traits, lifestyle choices, and values you want to embody. You trigger your reticular activating system to scan your past experiences for evidence to support this new way of being by declaring these personal desires using the opening phrase I am. For example: I am brave. I am at peace with my decisions.
Asking statements.
These affirmations involve requesting that the universe deliver or guide you to encounters or experiences that are in alignment with your desires, like:

Guide me . . .
Give me the strength . . .
Help me see . . .
Give me the power of thoughts and choices that support my goals.

Gratitude statements.
Gratitude has such a positive impact on our life and our focus. This kind of affirmation—being grateful for what you have, what you can achieve, for what works and feels meaningful in your life—triggers your RAS to continue identifying and appreciating those people, feelings, events or experiences that inspire your feelings of gratitude.

These different kinds of affirmations have immense power; the power to change your life, one phrase or statement at a time. Avoiding the negative statements and following the positive structures can help you get started developing your arsenal of daily affirmations to keep you motivated, happy, and empowered so that you can live a life in alignment with your desiresEmbrace your inner power, and use your affirmations wisely so that you can let your subconscious do the work!

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