A powerful moment that will change your life…

It was a typical Friday afternoon. TGIF! The weekend was almost here! I was looking forward to a great night and a restful weekend. What could have made it better? It was exactly 2 years from the day I had begun writing my very first book. I was beaming. I got a message from a friend, asking for a signed copy of the book. I gave her my usual response of “I’d be happy to when the book comes out in August!” My Friday became even brighter when she replied to me excitedly, and in all caps, that my book is already listed on Amazon! I could not believe it! Could a Friday get any better?

I’m not embarrassed at all to say that after a quick search on Amazon I ran around my office to find my assistant (who’s put in as much work on things having to do with the book as I did in writing it.) The poor thing, I nearly pulled her out of the bathroom. We jumped around, teared up a little, and stared at the computer screen. Here it was! The next milestone (and this was a big one) on the journey of living the life of my dreams. We had a toast to our hard work and then put our noses back to the grindstone.

I spent the rest of the day floating along on my happy little cloud, my mind blown by this new and sudden development. It was one of those days that I’ll always remember, like when I started my business and the day my children were born. I want to share my happiness with you, my dear friends, but I’m also telling you this for one very specific reason. You can have this feeling! You can do for your life what I have done and not only that I’ll also tell you exactly how I did it.

All of the tools I use in my business and to follow my dreams are the same tools I put in Conscious Communications and in the workbooks I’ve created just for you. Every single one can all be used to help you create the life you want and it doesn’t matter if your dream is to be a race car driver or to have the most successful fundraiser for your child’s school. These tools are multitaskers and can be applied to anything.

For example, I have an exercise called the One-Page Action Plan. I’ve used this simple and easy tool over and over in my business for everything from hiring employees to winning new clients. I used it to help me create a plan to write a book and get it published by Hay House and I’m going to use it now to create a marketing plan to sell my book.

I don’t want to seem pushy but that’s how excited I am by your potential! You already have everything you need inside you. All you need to do is tap into the power inside of you, and I am handing you the tools you need to do just that. Check out either Dream with a Deadline or Ignite Your Dreams. Both have variations of the exercise I mentioned as well as others to help prepare your mind. All you have to do is have a dream, make a plan, and take action!

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