6 Guideposts to CRUSH IT Like a Boss

As the CEO of a growing and thriving small business, you can imagine I’ve learned a lot. There have been ups and downs and I’ve weathered through some tough economic problems and a divorce that almost sunk my ship. What saves me time and time again is my amazing team of rockstars who have always worked to have my back. Through my years of trial and error, here are the six things that I have found to be the most successful:

1. Always Know Your Outcome – Success comes when you can articulate your vision. Once you know your vision (outcome, end result) you can reverse engineer how to get there by asking what needs to be true in order to achieve it. Thinking of the end result will activate your brain to figure out how to make it happen. Create an opportunity to inspire and evoke genius by communicating with your vision to help others understand and believe in it as well. This will open a framework for people to contribute/solve problems/be creative. Here’s a link to download Ignite Your Dreams which includes my One-Page Action Plan worksheet to get you started!

2. Be Authentic – Sometimes as a boss or leader you’ll have to make quick decisions and being authentic will allow you to trust more in your own intuition. Authenticity, to me, is the practice of choosing moment-to-moment how you portray yourself in the world. It takes courage to stand up for something in a world that can gobble you up in seconds, but I promise you that authenticity is magnetic! One last thing about being authentic: everyone makes mistakes so it’s very important to also be accountable for your own errors in judgment.

3. See Things as They Are – I can’t say enough about how important it is to see things exactly as they are; not better, not worse. Always
looking on the bright side is great for the positive-thinking movement, but in business, and sometimes in life, it can lead to unrealistic goals and decisions. The complete opposite of that, seeing things as worse than they are, won’t help you either. In my experience, being dramatic when it comes to catastrophe can only lead to fear and indecision. When you see things as they are, you can anticipate your next steps which will allow you to take action now!

4. Keep Yourself in Line – Self-discipline, resilience, and perseverance will only help you on the path to your goals. A strong work ethic, following step-by-step procedures, and staying focused on what needs to get done, even when you don’t want to, will guide you in achieving your goals. Let’s face it, being a boss or leader is hard work! Being consistent with your energy, while following through and finishing your projects and goals will only make that hard work easier as well as more rewarding. When you need help along the way, remember to choose your long-term goals over your short-term satisfaction.

5. Communicate Well and Less Often –Only communicate when there is a need and if what you’re wanting to say is going to move the situation forward. You should be honest and always consider the timing. Asking someone a very important question as they are running out the door isn’t going to give you their best response, but also don’t be afraid to speak up when what you have to say includes helpful information. It’s also important to recognize when communication is useful/needed for documentation purposes, like emailing to confirm details or to make sure everyone is on the same page. Speaking of being on the same page, you can and should include a summary of a previous discussion and use specific terms instead of generalizations in order to be best understood. Lastly, be personable and professional. Consider who could eventually read or become aware of what you’re saying. This is especially true with your company email.

6. Be Flexible – If you’re anything like me (and I’m willing to bet you are) then you’ve taken a yoga class or two. Now it’s time to put all those yoga classes to work! Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have a plan (see #1) but don’t be so rigid that you don’t correct the course of your plan when you see an obvious change that needs to be made. There’s almost always a point when you can clearly see that what you are doing is not going to work. Be flexible and make adjustments when they are needed. Sometimes you must let go of the plan. The same could be said when you see an unexpected opportunity. Don’t miss out on a something great just because you weren’t planning on doing it originally.

Congratulations! You’ve just graduated from the Mary school of hard knocks. Now get out there and rock as a Fearlessly Ambitious Boss!

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